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Did you know you get a free car wash worth £12 when you store with us?

Our self storage locations include Sutton-on-the-Forest, Layerthorpe, Murton, Hessay, Hull Road, and Dunnington






Inner Space Stations is a life support business for all humans on planet Earth. Not only do we provide storage solutions that are out of this world, we also supply the fuel to get you there.

Our mission

Inner Space Stations was formed in 1986 and we have been trading for over 30 years. Our central mission is to provide humans with affordable self storage in York and the surrounding areas. But we don’t stop there… we also own service stations and state-of-the-art Planet Wash facilities in York.

Our vision

The idea behind Inner Space Stations is that we will eventually operate and retail in space. We’re just waiting for technology to catch up with our ambition! In the meantime, we remain a 24-hour life support service here on planet Earth.

Our Motto

Our motto is simple:

“Life is too short … do it now!”

Internal self storage units

Inner Space Stations offers internal storage units in the centre of York. Our purpose-built, space-age facility is easily accessible and offers secure 24-hour access, free parking and a passenger lift.

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External self storage in York

We also provide external storage containers in York, which are located in Dunnington, Hull Road and Hessay . These offer a variety of sizes including small, medium and large units.

Inner Space Stations Service Stations

We're open 24 hours!

Our service station in York is one of the busiest Shell service stations in the UK.
We provide our customers with high quality fuel and a fantastic convenience store. Our petrol station in York is always busy. But we don’t stop there, we also offer our customers an incredible Touchless Car Wash, as well as Jet Wash Bays.

Inner Space Stations Service Station
339 Hull Road
YO10 3LE

T: (01904) 411312
E: hull-road@innerspacestations.com


  • Costa Coffee
  • Bakery inc Stone Willy's Kitchen
  • Fresh produce inc meats, fish, fruit and vegetables
  • Chilled & frozen food
  • Rollover hot food to go
  • Dog Wash
  • ATM

Inner Space Stations Planet Wash Centre

Touchless car wash

Explore our one-stop wash centre for all your car’s needs. Our innovative Touchless Car Wash is 100% scratch free and unique in the UK.

The beauty of the Touchless Wash is that it can wash the vast majority of cars to an exceptionally high standard. This original and modern approach to car washing means that no matter what shape or size your car, you get a perfect wash every time.

It is ideal for 4x4s, cabriolets and most types of space ship – just check the height restriction before you enter.

We assure you that once you have tried our wash system, you’ll be telling everyone how brilliant it is.

Jet wash

We have six jet wash bays that enable you to do every valeting job on your car, including checking air pressures and water top-ups.

You can switch between options at any time and can even put the units on hold by pressing the pause button. After inserting cash, the digital display will show you how much credit is left on each option. (Just like Flash Gordon you have several seconds to save the Earth!).

Two of the bays have ‘blowers’. If you use the spot-free rinse, the car can be dried off completely by using these high-pressure blowers. (It’s one blast off that won’t send you into outer space).

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